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Check server status, switch the current profile, control the traffic light, inspect alerts, watch clips, take snapshots, steer your PTZ cameras, check logs and much more...

You just need your Windows Phone or your Windows 8.1 device and an internet connection. We give you the apps.


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Tips and Tricks


Add a Blue Iris server inside the BIC apps

First (and usually the only) thing you should configure inside the BIC apps is a connection to your server.
Make sure your server is properly configured: the web server must be activated, the port defined and at least a local address specified:

Blue Iris Options - Web server

Then start the BIC app and go to the Settings / Servers page:

Add server on Phone
Add server on Windows 8.1
Select the 'Automatic login' checkbox in order to be automatically connected to the server each time the app starts.
After tapping the 'Add server' button you are prompted to enter the connection details of your server:

Server data on Phone
Server data on Windows 8.1
Type some name for your server in the Name field.

If you are only connecting inside your home network then type the host and the port in the Local Address field.
This is the address that will always be used as a first try to reach your server.

If you already defined a DDNS host (or you have a static external IP) then type it in the Remote Address field.
The BIC app tries to connect via the Local Address and if the request fails then it will try a second time by using the Remote Address (if there's one defined).
Hint: If you always connect to a remote address then type it directly as a Local address and the BIC app will connect faster to your remote server.

Type your Blue Iris username in the Username field (case sensitive!).

Then type your Blue Iris password in the Password field.
It is recommended that you enable the Remember password checkbox in order to automatically authenticate during establishing a connection with the server (prerequisite for live tile updates)

Finally tap the Save button.

Improve the streaming experience

In order to ensure a smooth streaming for both cameras and videos make sure you go into each camera's Properties and in the Webcast tab you reduce the Jpeg quality and scale until the displayed Jpeg size is about 50Kb. The BIC apps are using the MJPEG stream for cameras and videos WITH NO SOUND.

Camera - Properties - Webcast

Need the Server Software?


Download the Blue Iris Software


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Our apps do store your server information only locally on your own devices. Your Blue Iris accounts are not divulged to any third party and they are not uploaded on our website. For the Windows Store 8 app we use MarkedUp Analytics and observe their privacy policy. For the Windows Phone app we use Flurry Analytics and observe their privacy policy.

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